Tool 2

Communicating Decent Work to Suppliers

Key Learnings

To ensure meaningful communications on decent work with my suppliers, it is important to:

  • Consider the best timing and conditions to discuss my expectations on decent work
  • Be clear about my objectives and what I am trying to achieve
  • Ensure all relevant colleagues of different departments in my company are involved, including at the executive level
  • Demonstrate respect and listen to the supplier’s experiences and issues. Make sure they understand that this is a shared responsibility. I want my supplier to feel comfortable to report decisions or practices that can hinder their capacity to respect labour rights and decent work.
  • Understand and discuss the opportunities and long-term business benefits for decent work, both internally and with suppliers

Next Steps

  • Know who my suppliers are and how their supply chains function, will help me understand how I should communicate on decent work
  • Determine the most relevant communications channels with my suppliers (e.g. calls, conferences, contractual meetings, visits, online tender processes, trainings, etc.)
  • Assess my current buying practices and their potential negative impacts on workers
  • Share this toolkit with my suppliers and encourage them to use it with their own suppliers